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Surprising Africa

I took off this morning before 07:00 from Bamako destination: Kayes.
The visibility was very low but I am getting used to it and until the air stays calm, I do not mind, I keep my safety altitude and fly looking at the sides.


Sometimes in such kind of flight I take some notes about what I have in mind.


These are the notes that I took this morning.


The first surprising event I want to report is the hand-kissing that I received from Valentin, the mechanic I met yesterday at Bamako !
It was a perfectly well done one just as if I was at “Cercle de Lorraine” ????
Yes, there is a gentleman in Bamako !


Since the beginning of Flap 6, everyday, I meet a stuttered person... this is really weird... during my studies at university I learned about stuttering and from what I’ve learned the causes are only psychological. But so many makes me thing there might have a genetic cause !?


Everyday also I meet a “mouche du coche” (Le coche et la Mouche- Fable de La Fontaine - ne pas manquer la version dite par de Funes !
Le coche et la mouche - Louis de Funès

sorry for the non french speakers but I can’t translate this.

These persons are quite easy to detect when you have some experience: they speak a lot and speak about flying but they are not pilots, about weather but they know nothing... they just want to look important at your eyes and hope you will like them and you will be grateful to them...
Some, even tell fake news just to pretend to be important...
Just imagine if it is this one who is stuttering


My compass which worked again perfectly few days ago is wrong again (since its trip into container !)


Since the beginning of Flap 5, I don’t have Sky Demon charts nor any other good maps.
I work with Sky Demon in which I record all the points I need.
I work with Fore Flight but this application miss a lot of informations for vfr flights and some little airfields are not mentioned. All frequencies must be double checked !
I use Air Nav pro as well because most of the reported points are mentioned but they mentioned too may useless information in some african countries.
Air Nav pro is good for Mali only.
In Morocco, I will turn to Sky Demon again ! ????????


Yesterday arriving at Bamako, many people like the guy at the flight plan, the guy at the scanner security, the taxi driver... all of them were speaking to my friend Valentin in stead of speaking to me.
Good morning sir, I just landed and I would like to fill up my flight plan for tomorrow, he turns his face to Valentin and asked: where was she coming from ? I answered: Odienne, Where is she going ? I answered: Kayes...


At the security: what is her flight ? Me: it is a private flight.
Where are the other crew ? I am alone.
Then he asked the same question to Valentin in their dialect...


Leaving the airport I asked Valentin, why do they speak to you and not directly to me ? Are they afraid of a white woman ?


And Valentin answered: they have a flashed brain...
Hahaha a flashed brain ? Yes, they’ve been scanned !
I will keep this expression !


And finally the most important, This is it, I do smell Africa !
Since few days, when I take off my dirty clothes, I smell the red soil, the smoke from the bushes fired.... my skin has a different smell as well !


Coming back at my morning flight, I eventually approached Kayes and have been very well surprised seing the Senegal river at my left hand side during my downwind with the nice airport in the desert... waow this is the Africa I love!


Warm welcome, tomorrow: Tambacounda- Senegal????????






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