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Flights in Angola

Yesterday morning after a very bad night heckled by drunk wedding guests, I woke up and looked at the cloudy, foggy sky.
From my previous experience, I knew it will clear up soon and I get ready.
Basilio came to pick me up, flight plan, extra parking fees, hangar and the plane is ready !
Lining up on the run way at 5771 ft, leaning a bit, taking off... slowly... slowly... density altitude ! 😱
After a left turn, the view was just splendid, cloudy sky but at 7000 ft, just on top of scattered clouds, it was awesome 😎
The flight was calm until I started descending and the clouds disappeared when approaching the sea coast.
I made a very long final 02, landed and already felt the warm sea breeze, I was far from Lubango and the mountains.
To be sure to have enough fuel tomorrow I decided to go and find mogas.
Luckily for me, the C office’s officer, Theodore is VERY helpful and he introduced me to a taxi driver whom he trust: Gabriel.
Gabriel has been very helpful as well, there is no doubt !
My plane was already secured and we went to buy some jerrycans.
Gabriel’s english is very poor and he understood gaz containers.
I took a pen and paper and drew a jerrican... oh a “bidon” said Gabriel !!! Yes, a “bidon” ! Portuguese is much closer to French than English...😃
We found a lady along the road selling second hand jerrycans.
I looked at what each jerrycan contained before and checked the inside and finally I chose 2 that had contained car oil.
We went to the fuel station and I saw diesel and “gasolina”.
I asked the octane of the unleaded fuel, they couldn’t answer.
I called Raymond who told me go for it, it should be 98...
I filed up the cans and we went back to the airport.
I put the “gasolina” into my extra tank, keeping the avgas clean...
Gabriel brought me to the Fort Sao Pedro that we visited and we climbed on the top of the behind hill to get a beautiful view of Catumbela !
North of Catumbela, at Lobito, there is a peninsula that is quiet beautiful and even if it is a bit far from the airport, I decided to find a hotel there.

Gabriel was just on time this morning at 06:00, my plan was to take off at 07:00 LT to avoid low morning fog but still land at Luanda before the rain forecasted at 11:00 LT.
The nice air controler asked me my date...😉 and I gave him my data.
After take off, he asked my estimates and I gave him them, just after, he asked me “your ETA is good ?” And I answered yes wondering why he asked me this question...
But I miss understood ! 😨 he asked me “your eighty eight is good ?” Meaning HF radio...😤 I don’t have this kind of radio...🤔

I’ve been looking for whales or dolphins but I’ve been unlucky this time.
The sky was cloudy and the visibility above the sea quiet “ milky” !

When I finally reached the ground, I tried the mogas... and just as Raymon told me, I felt no difference.
For a while I flew at 900 ft ! Because of the low clouds...

I reached Luanda and overflew the crowded city, landed and my handling agent was there waiting for me.

We empty the rest of mogas from my right tank and refueled all the tanks with avgas.
I add oil and breaks oil as well.

Once the plane was secured we left and I turned around to look at my buddy... in this big airport, next to big planes, my fellowed look so tiny...





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