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Beautiful discovery

My extra day in Cotonou was gorgeous, full of surprises and discoveries.
In the morning we visited Gamvier, a village on a lake where people start to paddle before learning to walk (I exaggerate only a bit !)
The village exist since 1727 ! And they still live in the authentic way.
They are living from the fishing and you can see little boys practicing fishing from their boat.
The women go every morning to the fish market to sale their fishes.
Their stilt houses are made in wood coming from Nigeria as well as their boats.
If one day you visit Benin, you can’t miss it !


At the afternoon, I visited Ouida, the sacred forest with a initiated voodoo man, the Portugese fort and all the story of the slavery.


Later, we visited the village were the women are making salt.


Back at the hotel, I told my driver: I spent money today but I feel more rich tonight. 😇


This morning, I left Cotonou and all the nice people I met there, after a warm greeting to Papa, the mechanic who took good care of my plane.


I will remember from Accra: the beautiful coloured costumes of women and men, the music, the way of life, the warm welcome, the smiles...


The flight to Accra was poor in visibility but nice along the beautiful Benin coast line.


Crossing Togo is short in time but surprising because suddenly the colour of the sea became turquoise.


And again the oil in the sea, the busy harbour...
Only Benin doesn’t have the oil in this vicinity.


Ghana looks like a rich, very active country, big city, busy airport and huge terminal brand new. I don’t feel being in Africa here.


Here they call me Miss Bush


After 2 hours on the ground, my plane is secured, refuelled, I paid the landing fees, I took already some flight plan documents and ask for the parking fees.


Arrived at the hotel, first thing I noticed is the unscarred room... I don’t feel good in a room without right angles...


I tried to call the laundry, the telephone doesn’t work, I can’t find my adapter for the plugs, a guy came and nearly broke my multiple plug...


Finally some workers on a scaffolding started knocking the walls...


Very bad hote l! No service, nothing good !


The problem when you land every day in a new country is the heavy administrative work.


For once, I am in advance on my schedule and I need to up date my Flight Permit for tomorrow to fly to Abidjan.


I sent a mail, no answer, I called and they explained me that on Sunday, I can’t get a new permit, only tomorrow but we don’t know what time.


I don’t like and I don’t want to fly late. When arriving at the hotel around noon, I still have all afternoon to prepare next flight: flight permit, landing permit, fuel confirmation and ETA for the fuel to be ready as soon as my arrival, hotel reservation (I had to make some reservations to get some visas), weather forecast, flight plan... write my blog and post pictures... visit and rest...


That means that I must stay in Accra tomorrow to get my flight permit to Côte d’ivoire.


I decided as well to make a extra stop in Côte d’Ivoire because the flight Abidjan - Odienné is too long regarding my range. I will stop at Yamoussoukro to refuel.
But a stop to refuel takes 3 hours: wait for the fuel, refuel, paper work for the fuel and pay, paper work for the landing fees and pay, paper work for the flight plan... maybe it can be done in 2 hours but still it is too late to take off thinking about storms and turbulences and the comfort of the pilot


One day after the other, step by step I am moving forward 😍




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