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Crossing ITF and getting into dry air

I took off from Abidjan and after few minutes I noticed some fog sticking on the ground. Above me a clouds layer.
After a while, both layers joined each other and I climbed to 3000ft, then some cauliflower made me turning around and I climbed to 6000 ft.


After a while, the clouds closed below me and I took contact with Yamoussoukro.
They said broken at 1100 ft and I decided to leave the top.
Looking for a hole, I couldn’t find one big enough and waited for a while.
When I saw a big hole and started diving into it, the air controler asked me what type of aircraft and what time of departure from Abidjan, I politely told him I will report later, he got nervous and asked again: what is the type of aircraft, what type of aircraft, what time of departure ?
I said: I am busy now !


My dive:



Someone from Abidjan told me to be careful to the power lines and antennas and in deed there were many very tall.


I saw the basilic, the famous one bigger and higher than St Pierre, they are so proud of it !


Overflew the city and landed.


Warm welcome by everyone.


I’ve been in contact with a very helpful guy thanks to Moustafa, the president of the aeroclub from Abidjan, my contact arrived with some mogas and we refueled.


He took me to the hotel, huge and very prestigious.


I went to visit the basilic which is enormous and very surprising.


Next day, I reached the airport and waited a while to get more visibility... we had a nice chat at the tower about politics, economy and of course pictures time.


These nice people took a video of my departure.

Take-off Yamoussoukro


I flew to the lake and it was really beautiful but after the lake, the visibility came down and down and the air was bumpy.


I continued like this, sometimes I could only see the ground by the sides, when a small village was in front, the white roofs showed me the way and indicated me the ground.


Very tiring flight and very hot, my mouth looks like sand paper...


Landed at Odienne with 4000 m of visibility.


Another contact from Moustafa arrived with my fuel and we refueled.


Visit to the weather office, air controler, secure the plane, I jumped on the tricycle and IB took me to the hotel....


Preparing next day flight occupied me until late.


All night I’ve been thinking about the red sticky sand on my wings and fuselage, my air filter should be full of it as well! I should change it, I have a spare one but I think I do not have the good key to open the air filter....


Woke up early, nobody was at the hotel and I needed to wake up the watchman to get some tea. I reached the airport just after sunrise but the visibility was 2000 metres only. I changed my air filter with the fire men tools !


I climbed to the tower and suddenly I felt dizzy, like low drop pressure.


The visibility was 3000 m and the Weather man promised me 4000 m for 09:00...


I felt suddenly exhausted and I hesitated to start such tiring bumpy flight feeling so tired...


I called my ground crew Philippe who said: if you hesitate, you have the answer don’t go !


Yes but it means I must change my flight plan, call my contact, my fuel, my hotel... what a big job again... and while speaking with him I knew he was right...


I recovered my plane, secured and advised the air controler... eventually came back to the hotel...


These 3 last days I think my plane has been taken in pictures around 100 times a day (no I do not exaggerate) and me about the same number ... now I will ask money to be taken in picture it will covers all my expenses for sure !


Expected next departure : tomorrow early morning to Bamako.




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