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Mali means poor visibility !?

After my day off and my good rest I woke up at 05:00 in order to take off at 07:00.
At my arrival at the airport, I immediately noticed a better visibility than yesterday.
I prepared my plane, the weather and waited for the air controler to arrive at 07 for my flight plan.
Took off at 07:22.

My first experience of vapor lock occurred because of my day off! Mogas doesn’t like to stay under the sun and heat, get warm... i switched to my other tank with Avgas and everything goes well again.
I must admit that for some seconds I thought maybe I didn’t fixed the air filter properly yesterday...
later at Bamako, Valentin will confirm me that I put it perfectly.
Just after take off, the visibility was very poor and nearly nothing in the front, only at the sides.
The good thing is that the air was calm and cool.

After one hour of flight, visibility arrived in the front ( no more than 4000 m) and it’s good for the eyes...
My GS started to descend and reached 74 k t! Pfff I don’t like flying with less than 80 kt GS ! I've been patient...
I had some difficulties to find the airfield but finally saw it and join the right hand downwind runway 06. First time since very long time that I have 14 kt of headwind in the runway axe ! Kiss landing...
The controler asked me: do you confirm one POB ? Affirm ! Good job Madam ! Thank youuuu !
Landed at 09:41 and all the procedure began: immigration, call my contact Mr Coulibaly (contact from Moustafa from Abidjan Aeroclub), contact Total for my fuel, flight plan for tomorrow, pay the landings taxes.

Meanwhile I met Heather who’s a pilot from South Africa, she is the third lady pilot I met during my trip !

IMG 5501

I taxi to the aeroclub and Valentin the nice mechanic started looking at my plane, he checked my air filter, the engine and some other things.
We refueled with my telescopic traveling pump.

Eventually I reached the hotel where they welcome me, knowing exactly who I am !

I had lunch and just after it, I noticed that Helene Boucher the famous french aviatrix was hanging just above my head ! Is it a coincidence ? I prefer to take it as a good sign !😇

IMG 5562

Tomorrow: Kayes where the air controler is expecting me! He had heard about me (I wonder how, this stop wasn’t on my schedule) and called me !
I received a message from Momo the commandant of Tambacounda airfield to fix my new ETA with him !
I take all these friendly and helpful gestures as good signs.

After tomorrow: Senegal where I will stay few days.
Mauritania and Morocco = front door of Europe !




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