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Magic Senegal

This morning I was supposed to meet my guide Amadou at the hotel at 05:45 but he didn’t show up.
I took a cab at 06:15, already 30 minute late on my schedule because of a stupid idiot.
I did notice he had a strange behavior yesterday when he left me at the hotel but I thought it was because I didn’t pay him for his big assistance, I always pay after the job and here I did well !
Arriving at the airport, a security guy was upset that nobody introduced me to him yesterday, he said he is the chief of the entrance gate, he needs my information, my passeport etc to let me in (I thought he wants something...) he took all my details and I was very polite with him and I understood his upsets.
He brought my luggages to my plane and I wanted to tip him, he refused !
This is the 4th time someone refuse my tip in Africa ! Good for him, I gave him my last sticker.


Amadou’s boss, the commandant of the airport welcome me at my plane so ashamed of the behaviors of his guy, he took a cab at 05:20 to wake him up but he could’ve find him... strange story....


I left Kayes with a nice visibility and flew a enjoyable flight to Tambacounda with a nice tailwind that gave my a GS of 119kt !


The state of Tamba’s runway is a disaster, the sun (every afternoon we reach 40 to 45 degrees here) had burned the asphalt and it is more a gravel runway than a concrete one.


I parked and waited a while before someone arrive: the commandant of the airfield, Momo Sow who offered me a warm welcome.
The immigration, who came especially for me because Tambacounda is not a entrance airport, started looking everywhere: into my bags, my pans and bras, everywhere... except my cargo pod that they didn’t noticed.
After this unpleasant moment, they left politely.
I went to the police to show my passeport, no more visa required anymore... what a release...
Then I asked Momo about my avgas that had been delivered months ago for me.
And my cans appeared.
First, I wanted to take out all the mogas from my left tank and it took a while but I received the help of Suleman and Moustapha (fire man).


At the contrary of Côte d’Ivoire and Mali, everybody’s not coming around my plane to take hundreds pictures (only Momo)...
The cans of avgas are in metal and to big and to heavy to take it on the wing, we had to find some plastic ones to refuel.
We started by the right tank and then, the left one. Both tanks are full except my turtle pack that is empty for once !
I wanted to tip Suleman and especially Moustafa who sweats many drops into my Avgas but they refused ! Waow that must be said ! I insisted a lot because they were very helpful for this unpleasant job under the heavy sun.


Once my plane has been secured, I paid the landing taxes and Momo reminds me to pay the storage of my Avgas (not everybody refuse my tips !)...


We went at the tower to make my flight plan for tomorrow morning and chat a bit with the air controler.


I understand that Momo is at the airport what a king is at his kingdom !


He sent me with his chauffeur to the Oasis hotel in town.


Hotel is fully booked, only the suite is free, I asked them to make me a special price for pilot, they accepted and the owner Alice a very elegant lady visited me in my suite.
She knows the owner or the manager of the hotel de la poste at St Louis, the famous hotel where Mermoz and St Exupery slept many nights.
She assured my next warm welcome and I spoke already with the manager.


I told her how lucky I am to get such warm welcome everywhere.
She answered me that all this is coming from me, I give positive energy and I receive it back...


Senegal is the last Black African country and I feel already sad to leave Africa...


Tomorrow: St Louis !





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