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Leaving the sandbox

After a very good night on a confortable matras (not a hard one like in Mali), Alice, the owner of the hotel took me in her car to the airport.
Once my plane ready, I took off at 07:00 sharp and following the advices of Luc (the great meteorologist who’s helping me for my flights since Guinea Golf) I climbed to 3000 ft.
The visibility was not so good in the front during the first hour but cleared up later.
The air was cool and smooth, the desert landscape was crossed by some nice roads.


For the first time I had a Radar Information frequency, and was in contact with a very nice man quite surprised that I am flying alone.


He wanted to keep me company and we started to chat a bit 👍🏽.
Unfortunately, I lost his contact but I immediately switched to St Louis.
It is also the first time (except at Bamako) that I receive a transponder code mode S !


Yesterday, Alice explained me that from Bamako to Tambacounda, it is the Mandingues ethnic, I was surprised that they don’t pay attention to the country nor the city but the ethnic... but I like it !


During all the flight, a small tailwind helped me to get a good GS.
I started descending to 1000 ft slowly and looked around for the runway...
There it is !
During the final, at low speed and descending, usually, I feel the heat entering the cockpit and drying my lips, sometimes it is difficult to breath because of the strong heat.
But today, I felt a cool almost cold air entering the cockpit and after I stoped the plane, I went out and I was cold ! Yes ! It was 24 degrees at 09:22 ! 20 degrees less than the days before...
I left the Sahel area, the sandbox and reach the Atlantic again...


Warm welcome by El Walid the commandant of the airfield and the second commandant who is a lady: Moussou.
Abdou helped a lot to refuel.
The 4 cans that has been brought from Dakar for me are just enough to refuel my 3 tanks.
All the procedure took only one hour ! Waow, that an event ! I let my dear helpful staff know about their record and thanked them warmly.


Once my plane secured, the 2 commandants took me to town at the mythic hotel de la poste, hotel of the Aeropostale.


I am expected, warm welcome and I have the room next the one of Mermoz, I will get the one of Mermoz for the last night !


I went to eat at the restaurant next to the river with a splendid view, I was early and seated at the end of the terrasse.
I was busy working on my ipad and when I turned myself to leave the restaurant... Mayday, Mayday, Mayday, it is full of white persons 😨
Where are they coming from ?
I had a real chock and I was so surprised that my face should show something while I crossed the terrasse I had the feeling all of them were watching me in a strange way...


The very few white persons I met since the beginning of this Flap 6 were pilots, not stupid tourists... I ran back to the hotel and found a quiet place to work.
I asked one of the staff why are there so many whites ? She answered me it is the season... (just like migration birds, they are coming regarding the season...)


I worked on my flight plan for Mauritania that I didn’t received yet...
I worked on the weather that is challenging now on another way: the wind !


I am waiting for my friend who is coming from Dakar to spend some days here with me.


21: guided town tour with a horse car
22: guided visit at birds island
23: boat tour
24: departure destination Nouadhibou


Stay tuned...




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