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Inch Allah

Yesterday morning, after few beautiful days off, with my friend Khady, at St Louis, I left the hotel feeling quite sorry to leave the black Africa, it smells already Europe...
I called many times my contact in Mauritania to get my overfly and landing permit, but each time I succeeded to reach him, he doesn’t give me any answer to my questions except Inch Allah !
I called my taxi to change the time of meeting, he said: inch Allah !
Next one who doesn’t answer my question and say Inch Allah... be careful 😝


Arriving at the airport, Moussou, the commandant of the airfield is there to welcome me. She already called some of her friends at my next stops, that’s precious.


The police man who must stamp my passport is taking some notes from my Cameroon Visa, I asked him: why do you take these information ? This is a cameroon visa ?!
Yes but I need numbers...
Of course you need the number of my passport that is in the front !😂


I took off and here I am back in the african sky.


After this 3 days of senegalese immersion, I feel different, I feel rich of experience and friendship.


Sometimes when I post some pictures on FB and I read the surprising comments, I feel misunderstood or I should say I feel that I understand Africa differently than other people.


I landed at Nouakchott and I was surrounded immediately by 6 persons speaking in Arab about me without asking me anything, and then one guy said in french: She’s coming from St louis and she’s going to Nouadhibou, she doesn’t need fuel. And they left !


My stop at Nouakchott was decided only for safety reason because of the north wind that is blowing these days in this area, I didn’t want to stop at Nouakchott, it is a refueling stop !


But fortunately, I did asked the air controler to call the fuel man before and it was a good idea because these guys who left were handlers.
Soon arrived the fuel man who announced me that I must buy a drum😨.


Me who thought that the drum refueling was behind my back... I thought that in this brand new international airport they would have avgas !


Barry, the fuel guy is very helpful and the only one who seems to work during this Sunday.
He fights a lot but couldn’t succeed to bring the avgas drum today.
All the other people want to go home at 1 pm...
He took me in his truck to take me to the terminal.
I wanted to pay the taxes and make my flight plan for tomorrow and reached the C office.
45 minutes to do that 😡
Unbelievable, they asked me 5 times the weight of my plane, 4 times from where I am coming and to where I will fly,...


The brand new airport has offices which are already unbelievable dirty, insects and the smell...😖


All the furniture are already broken or damaged...


Ly, a friend of Moussou the commandant of St Louis is waiting for me outside and is calling the guy from the flight plan office. The man told him: she is still here at the office, yes you will recognize her she is wearing her disguise 🤔 does he mean I am a women disguised in a pilot ?


Later on my way out, I wanted to greet someone and shake his hand but he refused to shake my hand with a strange and unpleasant movement... what a welcome !


I finally reached the hotel after 3 hours on the ground... exhausted I slept on a bumpy hard mattress, oh my back😤


After a hard long sleep, I woke up and Ly took me to the airport that shows quite more activity than yesterday.


And I succeeded to take off just on time at 08:00 !


The flight was just gorgeous, the first dunes are back in sight, the sea wears nice turquoise color, the landscape is amazing.
The flight is really nice at 4500 ft (to get the south wind) and at 1000 ft at the CTR...
The approach runway 20 is awesome.


What a warm welcome ! Again, it is Moussou who called some people here and I feel like an important person...
Very effective, I reached the hotel with a very confortable mattress👍🏼


Tomorrow: Dakhla - Morocco which is the 28th country where I will land since I left Belgium and the 31st country overflew.


Stay tuned  !




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