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I took off from Nouadhibou just after sunrise and enjoyed the morning light on the dunes below.
I had a good GS at 3500 ft and after more than half way, I descended at 1000 ft to avoid clouds, the view of the dunes is more cleared and I am thinking deeply of Le Petit Prince, St Exupery and Jean Mermoz who overflew these dunes long time before me !


Since St Louis, I am following the route of the Aeropostale and just imagine how these great and famous aviators could fly 100 years ago without GPS, and other devices...
sometimes they had to land down there in the desert of sand...
I am full of respect for these great aviators...


I am expecting a strong cross wind at Dakhla and preparing myself for that.
I left the land to cross the sea and noticed a black sky above Dakhla and some rain !
I joined the left hand downwind in the rain and asked the wind...: 260degrees 18kt gust 22kt...


On final I saw the wind sock bumping in the strong wind challenging me and I noticed the flat sand on the right side of the runway. I decided not to hesitate to make a go around and if really necessary I could land on the sand-side of the runway...


I made a perfect wheeler keeping my stick to the right and my tailwheel dropped down slowly.
I am very proud of my landing in these gusty conditions.


I met some french pilots on the parking and Jean-Claude flew with me some years ago the Raid Latecoere seaplane in France. What a small world !


They are flying back to Arcachon with 4 aircrafts: a Mooney, a DR400, a Cirrus, and a nice mousquetaire !


I feel very tired and happy !


Tomorrow: Laayoune and Cap Juby, the mythic runway of the Aeropostale !


Keep posted !




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