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My Graaff Reinet amazing experience

My Graaff Reinet amazing experience


I’ve been very busy since I am in Graaff Reinet.
I landed on Friday.
On Saturday, I studied the weather forecast and decided to stay until Tuesday to avoid the cold front and the strong wind at the south coast.
I thought for a time to change my route but that appears to be a bad idea...
I am loosing only 2 days on my schedule as I had one day good at the start.
Saturday morning, I collected my rented car and drove to Nieu Bethesda a charming old little village still living in the 19th century...
I discovered Helen Martin’s story and house, something quiet different than expected... I ate some Kudu’s salami with local homemade cheese for lunch... full immersion into the deep Africa !


Coming back to town, I stopped at the airfield just to check my plane ????


At the afternoon I made a safari with David and we saw many animals.
Here, safaris are quiet different from Kenya or event from Botswana.
There are plenty sorts of antilopes, Ostriches, Kudu, Black wild beast....
After a while, David brought us to the valley of desolation ... we had to climb on the top of the mountain and the strong cold wind reminded me why I was staying here at Graaff Reinet !


Back at Ria’s guest house, I was frozen, took a hot shower, alighted the electric blanket and tried to warm up in my bed...


Isn’t it amazing to get so cold in Africa ?


Sunday morning, I went with Neko for a walk into the township.
We started by the church ( normal for a Sunday morning ????), the songs of the children and the deep atmosphere of contemplation touched me deeply.


I wish I could stay longer into the church but my guide invites me to follow him out and crossing all the township we met different people with whom we had some chats.
He sang a click language song that I recorded ! just amazing !


Back to town, I visited 2 museums showing the life of the dutch people who lived here.


At the afternoon I made a safari alone with my car and I discovered many animals...
A couple of ostriches was mating... waving their elegant “french cancan” wings made them look like some prehistoric animals disguised for the parade...


This morning, I visited the last museums, how come a small town like Graaff Reinet can compte so many museums ? This area is very rich about history and it is good that people remember all of it.


If I must summarise my Graaff Reinet experience in 5 words, that would be:
Extraordinary nice people
Geological background
Boer war and dutch history
Beautiful scenery
Wild life


I will be quiet busy this afternoon preparing my trip.
ETD tomorrow: 06:00 LT to Mossel Bay.


Stay tuned.







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