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Left the Indian Ocean and meet the Atlantic

Left the Indian Ocean and meet the Atlantic


My flight with Luke and his Cherokee Arrow around the Cape of Good Hope and the Table Mountain was quiet unique.
I took splendid pictures with my Canon, you will have to wait a while to see them.

Luke made a touch and go at Cape town international airport, something unimaginable in Europe...


Next day, I took off from Stellenbosch early morning heading Kleinzee.
Just after take off, I felt the heat coming into the cockpit... very hot flight.
But beautiful flight !


It is time to named the seas and oceans that have been on my route since the beginning:
Mediterranean Sea : arriving in Turkey; I saw from far away the Black sea but turkish authorities didn’t allowed me to overfly the Bosphore... too bad...
Dead sea and a flight bellow sea level for my birthday ????
Indian Ocean from Mombasa to Zanzibar and from Zanzibar to Tanzanian main land.
Malawi lake, I know it is not a sea but Malawi people consider it as one.
Indian ocean again at the south coast of South Africa with the very hot wind, I flew from Tsitsikama to Stellenbosch along the coast line.
Now, the Atlantic Ocean makes me think at Europe of course even if the colours are different.


At Kleinzee, I’ve been welcomed on the frequency by Rodney, a very nice guy who gave me a hangar.
He took me for a tour around the town which is an old mining one.
Unfortunately, since some months, some illegal diggers are digging everywhere and anywhere all around the city looking for diamonds.
It is totally illegal but no one is acting, the police is corrupted and the state of the isolated town is taking bad shape... no toilet, diseases, prostitution, criminality, drugs and alcohol are turning this nice and very quiet little town into chaos, making it looking like an after disaster town in a fiction movie... have you seen “Walking dead” ?????


However, Rodney took me along the beautiful wild coast next to the sea, the smell of the Atlantic is totally different from the Indian Ocean ! It smells Ostende !


After the sight seing tour, Rodney brought me to Petro’s guest house and I received a very warm welcome from this adorable couple, Petro and Johan.
The afternoon passed very fast chatting together and sharing our experiences.
I had a very fabulous moment in this family.


I decided to take off before sunrise to get some more time without the strong heat... I took off at 5:45 LT, this morning for a beautiful flight above desert areas to Upington.


Once again, Billy helped me from Mossel Bay, trying to find a hangar for me and a guest house... thanks Billy !

My plane is on the apron under 40 degrees but covered...


Tomorrow: Namibia, ETD: 06:00LT for a 2:30 hours of flight to Kleetmanshoop.


Stay tuned !







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