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Took off from South Africa and landed in Namibia

Took off from South Africa and landed in Namibia


Let me first explain why I have this delay to reach Namibia.
After I landed at Upington, I noticed that the weather will be very windy at Luderitz that I was suppose to reach 2 days after.
At Keetmanshoop, the first stop in Namibia, mandatory for customs and immigration, there is no fuel.
What airfield shall I reach with 2:30 autonomy of fuel reserve included from Keetmanshoop ? I decided to try 3 options :
Try to get fuel at Keetmanshoop
Wait tailwind and fly from Keetmanshoop to Mariental if they have fuel.
Fly through Botswana.
And I will not leave Upington before being sure of the option chosen.


I received the flight permit for Botswana in only few hours, the girl remember me...


The weather at Upington was very hot and very windy, I was thinking of my plane under this strong wind and strong sun on the apron...
I don’t like breaking my rythme of flying... I prefer waking up every morning very early, fly and enjoy the rest of the day...
Staying at the same place for 3 nights is very long.
Hopefully the Brown’s manor is a very beautiful place with very nice people.
Once again, it is because of Billy who’s got a friend at Upington that we found the solution: Gert will send 80 litres of avgas at Keetmanshoop via one of his truck driving there !
While organising the fuel transfer, the weather improved and the wind change from north to south... that means tailwind to reach Keetmanshoop !


I took off this morning, after immigration and customs that have been a full adventure by themselves, I‘ve never seen that before in any country: they asked me the serial number of my engine, ALL documents except insurance, it took half hour to complete all the procedure...
I am not sure I completed all good numbers by the way !


After take off, I’ve seen a herd of white animals but unfortunately I can’t tell you what they were... it was about 30 NM outbound Upington, I guess there were no cows but wild animals...


The flight was awesome but COLD ????
Because the heating hose was burning my right foot and because I guessed I wouldn’t need heat in the cockpit, Raymond disconnected the heat hose... this morning I regretted it !


I landed at Keetmanshoop, no trafic, no ATC, nobody, in the middle of the desert, it looks like a ghost airport...


Alfred, very helpful shows up and after immigration, customs, landing fees and parking fees, the fuel arrived ! Edouardo has been very helpful to refuel my tanks with 4 cans of avgas, well I should say 3 cans as the tailwind reduced my trip...

Plane refuelled, covered, secured, Alfred doesn’t want to open the airport before 8:00 tomorrow , NO WAY !????
That means that I will be there at 07:45, prepare the plane, preflight inspection and take off around 08:00 hopefully... this is the time I like to land !!!


Tomorrow destination is Sossusvlei Lodge airfield. Approximately 2 hours of flight. They have fuel.


Stay tuned !







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