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Grounded by the fog at Swakopmund

Grounded by the fog at Swakopmund


It is 09:00 LT and I am ready for take off since 06:00 !
The fog is tick and I miss the bleu sky...
I am thinking backwards at my flight of yesterday and I feel quiet lucky that I haven’t been in front of this kind of fog arriving from Sossusvlei... there was no other airstrip where to land on my route...


But let me come back to Keetmanshoop, I was in my room and a pilot who saw me at the desert airport told another pilot that I was there and he came to visit me! His name is Jannie and it has been a real pleasure meeting him.
Next morning he was there also to say goodbye at the airfield... that’s a friendly goodbye...
He offered me a nice sticker and fixed my door that was not holding opened anymore...
I like this kind of unexpected meeting between pilots. This is the magic of the real adventure !


My flight from Keetmanshoop to Sossusvlei was really nice.
Quiet long between the mountains and the valleys in a bumpy weather sometimes but I am getting used to it.


Because of my evening safari at Sossusvlei, I know now that the herd of animals I overflew after taking off from Keetmanshoop was oryx, I recognised their white bottoms on the top of long legs.


Still didn’t overfly elephants...hope it will come !


But the most extraordinary amazing and so beautiful flight was yesterday from Sossusvlei to Swakopmund overflying the red dunes and the most beautiful scenery I’ve never seen...


When I think of these local pilots who overfly this landscape every day... I wonder if they still appreciate it so much...


Landing at Swakopmund on white sand runway is very different to appreciate the height from the ground...should get used to it, it is like on the glassy water...


I followed Ronell (Billy’s daughter)’s advice and made a small 5 safari into the dunes yesterday afternoon... amazing to see how much life there is in such unfriendly environment.


Some nice and friendly pilots just gave me another route via inland to reach Doro Nawas... if the fog is staying more time along the sea...


One thing I must remember: do not trust weather advices from local people unless they are pilots, they much of the time answer what you would like to hear and that does NOT help at all ! Only local pilots can understand how important it is to get the good weather information...


Stay tuned !







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