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Satisfaction degree equivalent to the OAT (outside air temperature)

Satisfaction degree equivalent to the OAT (outside air temperature)


Following the advices of 2 local pilots yesterday at Swakopmund, I decided to take off with a 1500 ft ceiling regarding a pilot who just took off.
I took off from this nice sandy runway 35 and made a right turn to find my route.
Suddenly I was into the fog, the water streamed on the cockpit window and the visibility was... poor to be optimistic... I immediately started to descent... but where are the two high power lines they told me about ?
What 700 ft ? This is far from 1500 ft !

But the terrain is getting higher quiet fast ahead of me... no sorry I turn back...
then within a second I had a flash in my mind and saw the 2 pilots on the ground betting on me... if I was landing back or not... that image tended to go forwards, but safety first !
First hole of Murfy’s law: the fog, second hole: the power lines, do not take a tird one ! Turning back, I saw a flat terrain and some more clear sky north east and I took that direction... i flew very cautiously just below the ceiling that was increasing step by step...

And suddenly, I felt a warm air entering the cockpit and the light became brighter and brighter, the fog was gone !
I took my cruise altitude and speed and headed the Pitscoppers (2 mountains).

The calm air starting getting bumpy and arriving between these two mountains, the wind became gusty, I reduced my speed and followed my route carefully.
After passing the mountains, the air became more smooth and I could take some pictures.
Slowly the temperature increased and the air became very bumpy, gusty and my GS decreased, patiently I continued my route for more than an hour.

Some miles before my destination, I heart some traffic arriving at Doro Nawas as well... they were landing 07, this is very strange but the wind can change completely of direction within few miles in this country, I must check...
I asked a pilot and he confirmed me the wind is coming from west !
Of course with a Cessna, they land any runway...

Now, I must descend... bumpy, bumpy descent, ahead the field, look at the wind: from west with crossed component... and gusty... left hand downwind, I have my altitude, I have my speed, base leg: speed, altitude, adjust the speed with the engine, final: windshield, adjust the speed, descend... flare... and kiss landing !????????
Backtrack, and stop at the fuel pump.
I must admit that my satisfaction degree joins the outside air temperature...
What a flight, what a landing! I feel happy and look at the view ! Woaw, I deserve to be here in the splendid lodge !

I immediately met Chico, my guide and Elisabeth and Hans who will be my mates.
Nice flight, beautiful landing, adorable mates, and an excellent guide in this paradise in the middle of the deep Namibia, that’s a wonderful feeling of freedom, achievement and happiness... I am blessed...
We made a superb game drive and saw many desert elephants, we were all very pleased.

Elisabeth and Hans are so nice that I decided to stay awake a little longer and have dinner with them, and a glass of wine on the top, let’s party tonight !
I decided to offer myself a extra sleep and will wake up at 06:00 ! What an extra sleep !
After this resting night in my exotic hut, I woke up and look outside: fog again ! ????

I waited until 7:10 to reach the airfield and prepare my plane.
The sky was getting better and better east side: where I will head  !

I took off from this majestic place and follow my route between the mountains in an unstable air.
After a while, I saw the inverted layer and decided to climb to find the smooth air on top, anyway, I must climb forwards !
As predicted, the air was calm and smooth and I enjoyed the flight taking pictures.

My GS of 99 kt predicts me a flight of less than two hours...
Of course, the terrain is getting higher and I was back in the low layer but as the visibility wasn’t so good ahead, I decided to handle the turbulences...
My GS felt from 99 to 88, than 82, and even 78 kt !

My ETA increased a bit and I surprised myself to become much more patient in this kind of flight.
As the flight became more and more bumpy, I reduced my RPM and my GS of course... the last 20 miles took hours ????
The airfield looks abandoned, very isolated and surrounded by forest.
Overflying the airfield, I can’t find the windsock (I discovered it later while on the ground: into the bushes and big trees !)
I decided to land runway 06.

Like yesterday, same bumpy situation, windshields and as I noticed that only the first part of the runway is tar, I decided to land further on the gravel...
No, not so soon, not on the tar, security landing, some power, fly, fly, yes, here it is and... kiss ! ????????
Backtrack and park on a desert apron.

I should have call them, nobody’s here... I feel very far from any life in this desert place...
Then, I saw a man, greeted him and without any problem, he called the lodge who sent someone to pick me up...
I definitely find the people I met during this trip very friendly, easy going, life is simple and cool...
Just imagine arriving on a french airstrip without notice...

I will stay here 2 nights before starting my last flight to Ondangwa.


Stay tuned !







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