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Flap 4 completed in 13 flights, 30 hours 54

Flap 4 completed in 13 flights, 30 hours 54 and I have 600.00 hours of flight in my personal logbook


At Mokuti Lodge, I spent a very nice times especially during the 2 games drives that I made. I took splendid pictures and saw many giraffes, elephants, cheetahs and many others. The lodge was nice, the staffs very friendly and the customers were in majority germans.
I spoiled myself and offered me a massage at the Spa.
Yesterday morning, I took off from this isolated airstrip in the middle of Ethosha land meeting at the beginning of the runway some antilopes... what an amazing country, love it ❤️


The flight was awesome, I saw plenty wild life from my plane and a light tailwind pushed me to Ondangwa.
Ondangwa with an aircontroler ????, I am not used to aircontroler anymore ! He’s the first one since the beginning of this flap 4, and waow what a runway !
Not used to it anymore neither !


I landed after an hour and 24 minutes of flight.
No one was expecting me but everyone was asking me many questions and to fill up many documents as if I were a commercial airliner... not used to it anymore...


I called the owner of the hangar where I am suppose to leave my plane and... what a disappointment nothing is ready (I called him 2 days ago already) an helicopter is on the way, the hangar has no front door (they feld few months ago and nobody repairs them), and it is full of bates and birds shitting everywhere. In one word a crapy hangar !


I feel really sorry to leave my plane who offers me so many nice flights in this awful, dirty place...
I have no other option, and a hangar is better than under the heavy sun !
I decided to cover it with something to prevent from the shits of the bates.
But I have time, I want to shower, need to find solution and I want to call the owner and tell him my way of thinking...


I rented a car and drove to my hotel.
I called the owner who wants to come and assist me to cover my plane...
Long story short: he came, I paid everything for bought of us to get access to the airside, bought some plastic sheets in one of his brother shop and received only promesses and nothing else !
My disappointment is getting worst.


This morning I went to the airfield and with the help of 2 young nice fire guys, we covered my plane and inflated my extra-tank with some compressed air to ovoid the 2 rubber sides of the tank to sticked together while empty.


I feel less guilty to leave N45458 in this hangar now.
The 2 fire-guys promised me to have a look to my plane from time to time and report to me. They look smart and I trust them.


I left N58 in the hangar with the helicopter until end of December... hope everything will go find !


I visited the Nakambale museum explaining how missionaries from Finland came here in the 1850’s, the way they lived, what they achieved. They’ve been invited by the local king who wanted to get education for his people.
My guide was excellent and it was very interesting to understand where the people here are coming from...


It is 40 degrees here today and I feel quiet lazy... this is Africa !


Tomorrow is my last day here and I will work on my Flap 5 that is far to be ready !


On Friday morning I will fly to Windhoek -> Johannesburg -> Roma -> Brussels on Saturday late morning.


I want to thank all the people who helped me on my route during this trip, I will never forget them !


Let’s keep in touch !








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