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Back in Africa


The flight from Athens to Sitia was very nice overflying the Cyclades islands and approaching Africa, I was getting very excited !


At Sitia we had to ask the customs to come in order to export the plane out of Europe.

They came and very surprisingly they made it very fast !


We took off again destination: Hurghada in Egypt next the red sea.


That was a long flight above the Mediterranean sea from Creta to Egypt.


Reaching the north african coast, I really get excited to be back in Africa.


We flew to Hurghada crossing the Nile river and its green sides several times.


We landed just before sunset at Hurghada where we didn’t receive a good welcome and where we were parked in a very touristic low class hotel named Hilton but it was just the name !
Hurgada is a kind of Disney land fake town made for tourists. But the red sea is just awesome !


We woke up very early to reach the aeroport and wait for the fuel.


Fuel came in barrels and after all a procedure we took off heading Khartoum in Sudan.


We flew 800 NM, that’s my longest distance flown.
It is my first time in Egypt as well !


The sceneries were not very different from one hour to the next one: sand, sand and more sand and sometimes: the Nile river.


We had some very philosophical conversation during the long flight confirming us that we are not suffering from hypoxia.
About hypoxia, as it is my first experiences at these high altitude, I must say that after we reached FL 110, I couldn’t stay awake and I slept a while to get used to the altitude just like yesterday... good to know the reaction of my body for the next time I will fly high !


Temperature at destination: 44 degrees C.
We are lucky, yesterday was 50 degrees!
But it is a dry air and I like it !


After refuelling from barrels and some paper work we joined the hotel crossing an empty city with a lot of military tanks every 400 meters.


Ramadan doesn’t help travellers I already had an experience of it in Mombasa last year !


The hotel is much better than the previous (not difficult) and we had a good night sleep.


The weather is not excellent in Ethiopia.
We are resting today.
Hopefully we will take off tomorrow at sunrise heading Djibouti in a VFR flight plan that is already accepted by the air controler.


Stay tuned !








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