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Bye bye Namibia, hello Angola

On Christmas day, no good weather to fly, I’m bored like a dead rat in my hotel room.
I found a nice lake nearby (37 km) that should be a good plan for the day.
I asked Tuwilika, the nice pregnant lady at the reception about it, and after one phone call, her brother came with his wife and 2 kids, Tuwilika and me at the back of the pickup car and we are on the move to reach the lake.
After about 2 hours of different kinds of roads, we approached the lake when suddenly we got stucked in the muddy-wet sand...
I looked at the threatening black clouds, and thought: 2 kids, 1 pregnant lady and 3 other adults.... in the middle of the desert, under the storm and why not a delivery on top...? I tried to find a way to move out the car but there is no wood to put below the wheels, there is just nothing!
Except me, the african nonchalance is making everybody laughing of the situation.
After 10 minute, Christmas miracle, a car is coming to pull us out... and we continue as if nothing had happened !
We walked along the lake, watch the birds and the fishermen, enjoy that Christmas day.
On our way back, we stoped at a small traditional village to greet a relative of my new friends, and we continue to the visit their mother in her traditional house, it was an experience that I will never forget! I received a lived chicken as Christmas gift! That’s the first and most probably only time in my life! Than we continued on our way back to Ondangwa as the sun was setting slowly.

After this splendid day I slept like a baby.
The 26th, still bad weather, Tuwilika prepared my Christmas gift and we enjoyed the delicious chicken !


After that, I prepared my flight for Lubango next day hopefully.


Taxi is ordered, flight plan is sent, customs officer is asked to be at the airport at 06:00, all under controlled !


The 27th, I arrived at the airport, had to wait the customs agent and prepared my plane carefully.

Taking off with a dark sky was not my best dream but I followed the clearest route and even if I had to crossed some curtains of rain, it was a nice flight with a nice approach and landing at Lubango.


Brent from MAF offers me a place in his hangar and we refuelled my plane with the 80 litres I had sent here from Ondangwa.


Isaline came to pick me up at the airport and we spent the afternoon together.
It was a really nice time that I spent with them, belgian people, we have a lot of common friends and connections... quiet unbelievable to meet these nice people here in the heart of Africa !


We went to Fenda Da Tunda Vala, a geological interesting place that must be seen and we made a nice walk between big rocks, with the low clouds and foggy weather, it looked much more like Scotland than Africa !


Today the weather is rainy and cloudy, I am waiting to see if I can take off later or not...


My first impression of Angola is really good, very different from Namibia, different culture, different people and nature.


The only obstacle is the language, I don’t speak Portuguese... very few people speak english... they have brand new terminal, hotels but unfortunately everything doesn’t work so well... people are really nice, so far my impression from the Embassy of Angola in Belgium is confirmed !


Stay tuned  !









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