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Entering in west Africa

 Before taking off from Port Harcourt, I met Paula, a lady pilot from UK, nice meeting her????


I took off with 6000 metres of visibility just like expected.
Air controllers in Nigeria are sometimes confused and I heard commercial pilots laughing...


But one was really extraordinary: the controler from Osubi! He even called me later to checked if I had well landed at Cotonou !


From Port Harcourt to the coast line the land offers mostly swamps which promotes humidity in the air and low visibility... i climbed up on top of the clouds layer and found dryer air and good visibility....


Reaching the coast line I descended to keep VMC and followed the beach to Lagos which is a very busy airport.
Lagos is huge and industrial, petrol in the sea, big harbour thousands of containers... I had to leave the coast line to reach the reported point between the border and found again a hazy air, bumpy atmosphere and lower GS.


The air controller from Cotonou was very cool compare to the last ones.


I made a long final, the full crossed and gusty wind obliged me to make a wheeler landing.
I taxi to “air taxi” where Patrick had sent my oil for my 50 hours maintenance.
I’ve been welcome by a fire man with a big smile and suddenly what I saw ?
A Broussard  !????
I immediately went to meet the bush pilot and we have so many things in common that we immediately became friends and we can’t stop speaking and making futur plans together ????


What a nice and beautiful meetings in one day ! And it is not finished! I met Papa, an old lovely mechanic who immediately start taking good care of my plane.
Papa has a lot of stories to tell and we laugh a lot together...
He starting to check my spark plugs that are all in very good condition and we continue until the end of the day, nice moment and nice person.


I joined Milan, my new friend at a pub but I didn’t stay long, tired from my long day.


This morning, after some early mails to change my date of arrival at Accra, I reached Air Taxi where we continued with Papa, Uru and Olivier the maintenance and the deep cleaning of my plane.


Back at the hotel, I saw a table full of women wearing a shirt saying that they work at ASECNA... I couldn’t resist, introduced myself and explaining AVIATRIX.
I took a pictures of these ladies ...


I meet plenty nice people in my route since I started this flap 6 !
I love it !
I took a taxi to join Milan near the beach and I finally discovered Cotonou, the beaches, the sea side...


Here the mentality is really different, we are in west Africa, more hot and humid weather, I love the colours and the way people are dressed...


My taxi driver, Jules, told me about the places to see around and I decided to stay one more day (still don’t have my flight permit updated).


Milan took me for a walk on the beach and we ate a coconut on our way back...


To summarise: landed in west Africa, plane is ready to continue, met nice people, am excited to continue BUT don’t have enough time to prepare my flights...


Stay tuned !






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