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Flying trip completed-back in Belgium


I spent some beautiful moments South of France with my friends and took off from the lovely airfield of Nadesse where I wish to land again very soon.


The flight to Vendée Air Park was quite bumpy with a strong unstable wind but a blue sky and nice sceneries.

Unfortunately my iPhone doesn’t like the cold temperatures and I couldn’t take pictures during the flight...


I landed on this awesome place, a small village made for pilots ! 2 nice runways, splendid view.



Yves and Irène invited me for lunch and to spend the night.
Yves took me for a local flight to Iles d’Yeu with his ultra light, we had a lot of fun.


Yesterday morning, I took off for my last leg and eventually land in Belgium.
The first hour was very nice with a blue sky and light wind.


I would have liked to land approximately in the middle of the way between Vendée Air park and Kortrijk-Wevelgem but I noticed that many grass runways are reserved for based aircrafts, other airfields have fuel reserved for based aircrafts !


I’ve been quiet upset because in France the air controllers are friendly, helpful and really very nice but on the ground the airfields are much less friendly !


That’s why I decided to stop at Albert Bray, a very friendly airstrip with grass runway and cheap fuel.


The second hour of the flight was much more bumpy and more and more clouds invaded the sky.


The third part of the flight was very cloudy but the ceiling was ok and the temperature dropped a bit more.


After I landed at Albert Bray, a nice Beluga followed me on the runway.


After refuelling and checked the weather, I took off for my last flight of this trip.


Some drops of rain hit me but nothing too bad, some carburettor icing but nothing too bad, and I joined the left hand downwind of runway 24 in Kortrijk-Wevelgem.


While my plane was in Africa and me in Belgium, I trained myself with Luc who taught me a lot, in Kortrijk-Wevelgem, with Steven’s Piper Super Cub.
At that time, I was thinking: one day, maybe, I will land here with my plane.
I was full of doubt and it was like a unreachable dream.


But yesterday, when I saw this runway on my left, I realised suddenly: “This is it! I made it !”Some emotions invaded me slowly but I sent them away immediately: “get concentrate Valerie ! You still have some job to do here! Do not think, get concentrate !”


I made a nice landing and as soon as I vacated the runway, tears run down my cheeks... This is it ! I made it ! I am back home !


I’ve learned a lot during this trip, about flying, about me and about people.


Many things had changed in my life since the first day:
I stopped working with an old partner and I feel free and very happy about it.
I lost my mother, I am still sad about it.
I met many very nice people with whom I am still in contact and I am glad of that !
I know my plane much better, we are a very good team !
Now I am an aviator and I know I am made to travel.


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