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Flap1 - Part1 - Following the First Flights to the Levant - 09 09 2017 > 19 09 2017 - Belgium > Turkey

"There's no hazard..." August 2017

Before taking off to new adventures, I wish to explain the importance this trip represents to me.

For many years, I have placed in my objectives of 1st January: "Travel but travel differently".

It was then that I started aviation and that from the beginning of my training, I had the chance to travel... so to travel in a different way, generating an extraordinary sense of freedom.

After becoming Bush Pilot in Alaska in 2015, I wanted to travel as a bush pilot !

I started looking for a Piper Super Cub and I quickly found one that seduced me !
This is a PA18-150 that flew for the Israeli Air Force cadets from 1967 to 2003.

At the same time, after 5 years of procedure, Yad Vashem granted the title of Just among the Nations to my paternal grandmother.
Being at the origin of this approach, this "coincidence" challenged me..
Besides, Freud said: "hazard does not exist".

After mature reflections, I decided to follow these "signs" and bought the plane that was in Germany.

Waiting for the weather to allow me to go and fetch him, I went to Israel at Yad Vashem to see the name of my grandmother engraved in the Garden of Righteous Among the Nations.

At the same time, a friend asks me "by chance" if I want a guided tour of the Israeli Air Museum in Beer Sheva...

I run immediately on the field and during this visit in the footsteps of the history of my new plane, I discover "by chance" a map retracing the route of reckless airmen who linked Paris to Alexandria in 1913 passing through Israel And thus connecting three continents before the First World War !

The photo of this chart is hooked on my fridge since, such a goal to reach...

For me, this journey which "imposed" on me represents a lot:
- A return to the roots for my plane,
- A historic flight in the footsteps of Jules Védrine and Marc Bonnier in 1913;
- The meeting of three continents and 5 seas by plane of legend, a PA18 !



During the preparations for this extraordinary trip, my friend Philippe, who has a great experience of flying in Africa, offered me and suggested to support me and follow me during this trip with the complicity of Paul who also has a real bush experience! Joined the team, another Philippe for whom the electric domain has no secret !

Once my Ground Crew created, I received from their advices, encouragement, role plays, scenarios but especially their moral support and I can not thank them enough...

Their presence and their help were essential and indispensable, mainly in Serbia and Turkey !

Many thanks to Philippe for this most judicious initiative !

Thanks to Paul for his presence and flight tracking!

All this means a lot to me and I wanted to emphasize it.


trip flap1


Want to know more about this adventure ? Read my Blog 



Day 1 - 7/9/17
Temploux -> Tannheim (Germany):
I love Tannheim airfield and the warm welcome of Verena. Rooms available on the field ! One of my best 3 airfield !


Day 2 - 8/9/17
Tannheim -> Voslau (Hungary): nice airfield south of Vienna, closed to Hungarian border.


Day 3 - 9/9/17
Visit of Vienna, I love the presence of art and music everywhere, the architecture, the town...


Day 4 - 10/9/17
Voslau -> Pec (Hungary): Nice airfield with both hard and grass runways

Pec -> Szeged (Hungary):
I loved that airfield with both hard and grass runways, ultra lights, gliders, aircrafts, nice welcome and great help! University town crossed by Danube. One of the best 3 airfield !


Day 5 - 11/9/17
Szeged -> Nis:
Strong headwind, great air controllers, Nis is Hell, I hate it and will never go back to Serbia.


Day 6  - 12/9/17
Emergency landing after take off from Nis. Find and buy new spark plugs.


Day 7 - 13/9/17
Test flight ok
Grounded by airport authorities who do not follow AIP and close the airfield at noon to noon next day, no PPR permitted even if AIP permit it!, avgas: 4.2€/liter! 35€/landing ! Just HELL !


Day 8 - 14/9/17
Nis-> Sofia (Bulgaria):
I love Bulgaria, the country fields with Antonov 2 everywhere, long final overflying Sofia is just amazing! One of the best 3 airfield !


Day 9 - 15/9/17
Sofia -> Çorlu (Turkey):
I love overflying Bulgaria, very nice air controllers, nice landscape, Antonov 2 everywhere ! 5 hours for customs at Çorlu !
Çorlu -> Hezarfen: Short flight in Turkey. Very nice approach in Hezarfen


Day 10 - 16/9/17
Istanbul: check of the engine with local mechanics.
Evening boat tour along the Bosphorus.


Day 11 - 17/9/17
Istanbul: visit of the city.


Day 12 - 18/9/17
Istanbul: check of the engine with Mustafa from Ataturk, boroscopy, etc.
Evening with Ambrose and his friends after Marcel's boat trip ! Great evening !


Day 13 - 19/9/17
Back to Brussels with commercial flight with my carburettor and my electrical harness...






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