Flap 5


Ondangwa > Bata

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Flap5 – African West Coast – 21 12 2018 > 13 01 2019 – Ondangwa > Bata

Crossing Angola, Congo, Gabon and the Equator, joining Equatorial Guinea.

The most challenging flight was the longest flight of all the African tour from Pointe Noire (Congo) to Libreville (Gabon) without any alternate, between 800 ft and 3000 ft, landed after 4 hours 30 minutes.

I was stopped in Equatorial Guinea by the bad weather and poor visibility in the Guinea Golf. It forced me to come back to Belgium to study the local weather phenomenon and ask the help of the best meteorologist in order to continue safely. Of the best meteorologist, Luc Trullemans, who routed me safely back home!

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