Lady Bush Pilot

Valerie Dereymaeker

aka "Lady Bush Pilot" since 2015

For as long as I can remember my passion has always been to travel and especially to have the freedom to do so by flying my own aircraft. When I am not travelling or flying my other enjoyment is with riding my horse.

After qualifying with a Master Degree in Psychology I later worked in the real estate business since 1997.

My life changed in 2012 when my desire to fly became a reality as I gained my Private Pilots Licence. In 2015 I visited Alaska to advance my PPL rating where my flying ‘bug’ became strong. I qualified with a tail wheel endorsement and sea plane rating, and became a ‘Lady Bush Pilot’ and has been baptised Lady Bush Pilot by my instructor.

I have had the privilege to fly in many countries and completed a solo pilot African tour with my own Piper Super Cub.

Since than I purchase a C180 dreaming of a Round the World Tour.
We already flew several times in Africa together.

Oct 2023

Aéropostale Rally

Aéropostale Rally from Antwerp to Dakar and back to Antwerp following the path of prestigious aviators such as Jean Mermoz, Henri Guillaumet, Antoine de St Exupery.

May 2022

Out Of Africa

Solo flying trip from 11/05/22 to 26/05/22 from Cotonou (Benin) to Antwerpen (Belgian home base).
3180 NM – 30:48


Deep Africa

Flying through Congo, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Namibia, Angola, Congo Brazzaville, Gabon, Cameroon, Benin with N904BP and my friend Gino.


Springtide Flight to Bukavu

The Springtide Team (Jonathan and Olimpia) lived a wonderful adventure with Lady Bush Pilot from Antwerp to Kisangani.During 5 days, The Springtide Team visited Kesho Congo and offered their help.
Definitely a great experience for the two students !


Treasure Hunt

A Lady Bush Pilot 3 days rally in Belgium and France.


Lady Bush Pilot Rally

The Lady Bush Pilot’s Rally is a flying game for the taildraggers pilots to have fun ! 


Djibouti Air College

Flying a C182 in Djibouti


French Trip

LBP is back in the air during an amazing French tour after covid lock down


Purchase of N904BP

in order to complete a world tour solo


Beaches flying trip

Crossing UK, Scotland and Ireland at low level!


Ferry Flight to Djibouti

Back in Africa : Egypt, Soudan Ethiopia and Djibouti


African Tour

From Belgium to Cape Town via Israel and back to Belgium, alone in my Piper Cub! 34 countries visited, 29 landings, 179 hours of amazing flight!

African Tour


Neigbors Trip

Rally to Denmark, landing on small islands and looking for seals!


Rallye des avionnettes

Avionnette a.vjɔ.nt

  • Avion de petite taille, utilisé pour des vols passagers.
  • Danse parisienne durant laquelle deux partenaires s’élancent dans en ligne droite, écartent le bras et tournent sur eux-mêmes, et ralentissent, le tout pour simuler le décollage, le vol et l’atterrissage d’un avion


Trained in Alaska where Lady Bush Pilot was born

2012 -> 2015

Started flying in Belgium and travelling (Polar circle, Scotland, Morocco, Black Sea, Algeria, Tunisia, Senegal, Denmark...)


Back in real estate business in Belgium and creation of my own company : BCM


2 years in Thailand in wood business


Started to work in real estate


Mission of 1 year in Armenia as a psychologist with MSF


 Master degree in Psychology (ULB)


Riding my buddy Apache all around Belgium and France