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Following the great enthusiasm 🤪 during the Lady Bush Pilot’s Rally 2021, I organise a «Flying Treasure Hunt» the 20-21-22/8/2021.

All kind of aircraft is welcome but please don’t take your private jet as the runways won’t be long enough !

Range, runways and hours of flight consider taildraggers such as SV4, PA18, Chipmunk, C180 but also C182 ! 😉

There are 3 flights and the destination has to be discovered from some clues which I will give you.

Some surprises are organised at each destination.

Because of the holidays period and in order to book the rooms and restaurants, please confirm your participation ASAP and at least for the 10th July.

No challenge, no winner, no loser… only fun flights and ground discoveries.

I can’t give you the price so far but it will be +/- 550€/crew of 2POB including lunches, dinners, rooms, visits, taxi, breakfast, landing taxes.

In case of any question, please come back to me.

Waiting for you enthusiastic answer…😘