The Airplanes


Piper Super Cub (PA18-150) from 1967

In 1967 USA sent a fleet of PA18-150 to Israel to start training the air cadets.

N45458 was registered at that time 012 and was a member of the fleet.
012 was like very few other airplanes, armed with 2 Browning machine guns below his wings.

He took part of the 6 days war in 1967 overflying the Egyptian border.

Changing the cylinders in 2018, the engine turned from 150 HP to 160HP.



Cessna 180 J (from 1975 230HP)

Brantley and Jim Pace owned the Cessna during 14 years. When they purchased the aircraft in Maine it was on floats as N9940N. The floats were removed and Jim flew it home to Mississippi.

Over time the N number was changed to N904BP which represents his mother’s birthday and his father’s initials.

Jim told me :
“Four Bravo Pop has provided great joy to all of us and the positive spirit of adventure remains with the aircraft. It has flown from many grass strips and taken long cross countries and been a fantastic aircraft always.

An incredible little Shih Tzu dog named Cayenne flew with me for most all those years, from the initial flight until 2018.

If an aircraft can have Karma then this one is loaded with good feelings and the strength of positive experiences.”

Cessna 180 n9940n
Cessna 180 n9940n
Cessna 180 n9940n
Cessna 180 n9940n
Cessna 180 n9940n