In the footsteps of «Aéropostale»


Au Vieux saint-Martin

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Au Vieux Saint Martin restaurant, nestled in the charming Sablon district, hosted a captivating event on March 22, 2024. 

Organised by Lady Bush Pilot, this gathering brought together 17 friends, including pilots and aviation enthusiasts. 

After watching the movie realised by Bertrand Vanderschrick during the Aéropostale Rally, this legendary airline which marked the history of aviation, the exchanges between the participants were enriching, mixing anecdotes, memories and passion for flying.

Au  Vieux Saint Martin restaurant offered a warm and authentic setting for this event, where the history of aviation rubbed shoulders with Belgian gastronomy.

This second broadcast in the movie was an unforgettable experience for all participants: pilots or simple fans of fascinating stories. Heaven and earth came together around this table, and the spirit of Aéropostale hovered over the Sablon that evening.