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Stay tuned: Mit Lady Bush Pilot um die Welt

Published 3 years ago,
by Luftsport Magazine

by Luftsport Magazine

A small mistake about the estimated date of departure in the text :
in December 2022 and not in February.

Kindly translated by my friend Gabi Aubele:

Stay tuned: With Lady Bush Pilot around the World

In the issue June/July 2019 of LUFTSPORT Magazine, we introduced lady pilot Valérie Dereymaeker and described how she flew solo with her Piper Super Cub N45458 around Africa. An affair of the heart, as one could note from her report. But some space in her heart must have been reserved also for other continents. In 2020 Valérie purchased a Cessna 180J with the call sign N904BP and the previous owner told us: “If an aircraft can have Karma then this one is loaded with good feelings and the strength of positive experiences.” It stands to reason to use this positive energy and fly around the world.

Take off is scheduled for 15 February 2022 from Antwerp and almost one year later, on 27 January 2023, Valérie plans to return there. Her trip around the world will once again take her to Africa: Tarfaya in Morocco and Dakar are her first destinations. From there it will go to the Cape Verde Islands, then to Natal in Brazil. Then following the South American coast line over the Caribbean Islands to Florida. So far for the first flap.

The second flap will take Valérie across the USA to Nome in Alaska. Thus avoiding strongly populated areas on the East and West coast. As kick-off for the third flap she will cross the Bering Strait and fly over Siberia to Ulaanbataar, the capital of Mongolia. From there, she will fly through Barnaul (West Siberia) and Semei (Kazakhstan) to Samarkand in Uzbekistan. The final flap will take Valérie to Saint Petersburg and finally back to Antwerp. You will find the planned tour on Youtube .

Those who want to support Valérie can do that via her homepage: https:/

Like with her trip to Africa, she invites us to join her through her blog. We are looking forward to it and wish you Valérie many happy landings !